FULLERTON (CBSLA) — Fullerton police say a man freaked and then smashed his way into a home Monday.

The man died in a hospital after a violent struggle with officers.

Neighbors described the man as crazed and possibly on drugs.

The suspect tried to bust into a complete stranger’s home.

Police tried to subdue the suspect. A number of officers tried to calm the man down. They tried to take him into custody.

Police say they had to fire several non-lethal sponge rounds and then they tried to use the force of a taser against him.

They say the man assaulted three of the police officers — punching one in the face and the others in the stomach.

Police say they arrived at 3 p.m. Monday and the man’s family told them that they could handle it. Two hours later police say the man took off running and ran into a woman’s home.

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  1. John Stanton says:

    Cop: “We had to tase this guy 3 times, and it took half a dozen officers to subdue him, he must be on meth……

    Ambulance driver: “O.K., I’ll get permission from the hospital to give him a sedative….”

    Cop: “Thanks….”

    Ambulance driver to hospital, “OK to sedate him? How much? Cop said it took half a dozen officers to subdue him….”

    Hospital: “Give him 10 cc of Fxxxxxxxx”….. Ambulance driver: “O.K……..” hangs up…….

    Ambulance driver, filling needle….”Let’s see, did they say 20 cc ????. Well, I’m gonna give him a little extra since he was so hard to subdue. The hospital never keeps track of how much we use, they just give us another bottle when we run out anyway…..hmmm….30 cc should do it…..”

  2. Those are some fat police officers! Dont they go through any training anymore? Whats next… officers with tattoos? criminal backgrounds? Embarrassing! MAKE POLICE GREAT AGAIN

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