RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A retired police officer was arrested Saturday after a shooting outside of a Home Depot store in Riverside.

It started when a man was allegedly running out of the big box store shoplifting. The retired officer saw him and opened fire.

Police say they got a call about the shooting. They arrived and found the retired police officer who confirmed he was the shooter.

Police have not released his name or which unit he retired from beyond saying it was in LA County.

Witnesses say the man tried to leave the store without paying. It was unclear what he was taking.

Store workers tried to stop him. The retired cop somehow got involved and was also telling the suspect to stop. He didn’t and was driving away when the retired police officer fired two times at the car.

Police say one of the bullets grazed the suspect’s neck. He then drove himself to a nearby medical clinic where workers then called police.

The police, looking into the shooting, later determined it was not justified.

They arrested the retired police officer for assault with a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile the shoplifting suspect was in the hospital Saturday night and was expected to be released and given a ticket for misdemeanor theft.

Comments (10)
  1. Jimmy Rose says:

    The ex-cop is in trouble. Shoplifting is not against the law in California as part of passing the sanctuary state bill.The provision is designed to help fight income inequality

    1. Susan Wensel says:

      Shoplifting is against the law – and the shoplifter was properly cited. However, shooting at someone is also against the law – so the ex-cop is being properly cited as well. The shoplifter was not endangering the lives of anyone and that is the standard that is required for officers to shoot. Fleeing the scene of a crime or running from an officer (not an EX-officer) is not sufficient to invoke deadly force. This ex-cop committed attempted murder.

  2. Zeigfried Whiffle says:

    Ka-Ching!!! Thank God this good citizen will never have to shoplifting agsin. Although old habits may be hard to break….

  3. Bobby Ern says:

    overly harsh reaction – once a pig, always a pig

  4. Susan Wensel says:

    The ex-cop had no reason to fire on the shoplifter. The shoplifter was not endangering the lives of anyone nor was he attacking the ex-cop. So the ex-cop was just a bystander who had no more legal authority to shoot at the guy than you or me – and we would have been charged with attempted murder. After all, he was trying to kill the guy. I’m not saying the shoplifter is in the right at all. I’m just saying that there is no death penalty in any state for shoplifting, especially when the suspect isn’t violent.

  5. The thief will no doubt be looking for someone to sue.

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