LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Storms returned to the Southland this weekend, bringing even more rain and snow.

The showers started just after midnight in Los Angeles, and the chance of measurable precipitation is set at a high 70 percent, according to the National Weather Service.

There’s also a chance of rain Sunday morning, tapering off to light showers later in the day.

No rain is expected Monday or Tuesday, but forecasters say the showers will return Wednesday and will likely continue into Thursday.

Rain is also expected next Saturday and Sunday in Orange County and again Wednesday.

credit: Joy Benedict

Emergency vehicles and Caltrans workers were seen driving along the Grapevine Saturday morning, ensuring drivers were safe on the slick roadways.

Drivers in Lebec were preparing for the snow Friday night, placing loads in the back of their vehicles to help steady it.

“That helps to add more weight, and just helps it to grab,” said Frank Stark, who had heavy trees branches in the bed of his truck. “It’s not gonna help you from fishtailing if you’re going too fast or anything like that.”


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