LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Wells Fargo customers across the nation were unable to access their financial accounts Thursday due to a widespread outage.

Just after 6 a.m., the banking giant confirmed that its online and mobile platforms were experiencing issues. Wells Fargo later announced that the outage was due to a power shutdown at one of its facilities after smoke was detected there.

“We’re experiencing system issues due to a power shutdown at one of our facilities, initiated after smoke was detected following routine maintenance,” Wells Fargo tweeted. “We’re working to restore services as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

This is the second time just this month that Wells Fargo has experienced such an outage which prevented customers from logging into their accounts.

Wells Fargo has dealt with a series of scandals over the past year. In February of 2018, the Federal Reserve imposed a cap on Wells Fargo’s growth after the bank admitted that its workers created as many as 3.5 million fake accounts to meet unrealistic sales goals.  In April, Wells Fargo was hit with a staggering $1 billion fine from the federal government for inappropriately charging hundreds of thousands of customers for car insurance they didn’t need or mortgage borrowers unfair fees.


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