LAKE ELSINORE (CBSLA) – As the rain continued to drench the Holy Fire burn area on Monday, concerns continued to grow over mud and debris flow.Dump trucks lined up along Brookstone Lane in Lake Elsinore, hauling away tons of mud from a debris basin that runs near multiple homes.

A few miles away on Nottingham Court in the Laguna evacuation zone, several homes are now unlivable after a powerful storm washed mud and debris into them.

“The potential to come down this area is 250 truckloads. That’s what could hit us, and if that’s the case, there wouldn’t be houses standing anymore,” said resident Tara Swick.

Swick and her family were forced to move out in December after a wall of mud cascaded into her home. She came back Monday to get the last of her belongings while crews begin to clean up.

“We’re worried. Before, you used to think, ‘Oh, it could happen, but not really going to happen.’ Well, everything has been happening. The fire did come to this side. Debris did wash down into us,” she said.

Just a couple of blocks away, sand bags lined the streets of yet another neighborhood that sits in the shadow of the Holy Fire burn scar. Adrian Rodriguez has lived there for 30 years and says the sandbags are doing their job. He’s keeping them in place for the rest of the rainy season.

“The county is doing a great job keeping everything clean and taking all the dirt away. So far, the last few rains we’ve had, we haven’t had any problems, which is great,” he said.

Rodriguez’s home has so far escaped major storm damage. Neighbors continued to brace for even more rain as crews got ready to clear more mud and debris that could wash down from the hillside.

Residents said they’re hoping the bulk of the debris has already been washed out, but they’re not taking any chances.


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