HUNTINGTON PARK (CBSLA)  — A chase by CHP of a suspect driving recklessly in a Lincoln Navigator ended Friday evening in a violent, horrific crash involving as many as four vehicles.

Miraculously, no one in the cars hit by the Navigator appeared to be seriously hurt.

After the Navigator slammed into several cars going about 70 mph, he nearly flipped, briefly righted himself before almost completely overturning, went airborne and then came down nose first slamming into another vehicle.

An ambulance was called to the scene.

There was little movement in the suspect’s vehicle but after about ten minutes he could be seen trying to get out. A cautious CHP shot out several of the vehicles windows using bean bags.

The vehicle has Georgia plates. The CHP said the chase started in South LA when the driver was seen running a red light.

During the pursuit, the suspect blew through at least five more red lights, drove on the wrong side of the road, drove recklessly and at excessive speeds.

Stu Mundel in Sky9 had just said that it was rather surprising the reckless suspect hit no one and no one hit him. Almost at once, the driver went through an intersection and began to lose control of the vehicle moments before crashing.


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