DRISCOLL, Texas (CBSLA) – Not all police chases involve cars: A man in Texas evaded police for an hour while riding a farm tractor.

The chase reportedly began Tuesday morning after 45-year-old Alan Baade allegedly rear-ended a van at a gas station in Driscoll, Texas. The driver of the vehicle that was struck confronted Baade, and when officers arrived, he attempted to flee the scene. A Driscoll officer tried to stop Baade and was dragged several feet.

Police pursued Baade, even as he drove his John Deere tractor into a field.

In a video of the chase, two police cruisers can be seen following closely behind Baade, who stopped only after an officer pointed a gun at him.

Baade told police he was trying to get to California to help with the wildfires. He then demanded money from President Donald Trump for relief efforts.

Baade was arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a police officer.


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