LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Diehard Rams fans are revved up for the Super Bowl, and two men say their team making it to the big game was a long time coming.

On most days, 54-year-old Lance Goldberg is a painting contractor by trade. But when it’s game day for the Rams, he sheds his work polo and prepares a helmet of his own: A watermelon.

“I’m known as the Big Seed of the Melonheads,” Goldberg said.

At age 10, Goldberg lived in Miami and adopted the Rams as his team after watching them in the playoffs.

He later moved to Los Angeles, and in 1982, he started wearing a watermelon on his head to the games. Goldberg said he’s partial to produce and other fruits were too small for his liking.

“That was the whole idea: To get the crowd pumped up so that if the crowd was loud, we’d create some energy and ultimately help the team to win the game.

Goldberg was a lone Melonhead at first, but then he and his friends became known as the Melon Patch.

It wasn’t long before the Big Seed was joined by Jr. Seed, his now 6-year-old daughter Sophia who is a proud Melonhead.

When asked what she thinks about the New England Patriots, she said, “They’re good too but the Rams are better.”

Daddy and daughter say wearing the heavy melon helmets, which can weigh up to 10 pounds, is worth it when they are appreciated by the players.

“We got one more game! Let’s get it, let’s do this!” Goldberg said.

While the Melonheads will be cheering on the Rams from Los Angeles on Feb. 3, two Rams fans were catching a red-eye to Atlanta Thursday night.

“I’m just having the time of my life. This is it. And I just want to say thank you to the Rams organizations,” said Danny Enriquez.

He won tickets to the Super Bowl at the send-off rally at the new Rams stadium in Inglewood on Sunday.

There was no question who was going with him: his friend Julio is a season ticket holder and has been taking Enriquez to the Rams games all year. Now Enriquez is returning the favor.

Julio said he had to sell his truck to pay for the trip to Atlanta, but he said it’s all worth it.

  1. Please please! I have reached out to Michele Gule and Jim Hill with no response. I want to pay for Danny and Julio’s expenses in Atlanta so Julio doesn’t have to sell his truck. (Hopefully I am not too late.). Please message me or email me quickly so this can happen. No recognition for me…just love this story and want to help. (Thought the Rams would pay..but I WILL!)

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