LONG BEACH (CBSLA)  —  A former police clerk is accused of filming nearly 70 of his male colleagues using the restroom without their knowledge, authorities said.

And where did this brazen act allegedly take place? A second-floor bathroom inside the headquarters of the Long Beach Police Department.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait says the 28-year-old ex-employee — identified as Sergio Nieto — was in possession of about 115 tapes in all.

Nieto has been charged with 115 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy. The formal complaint lists 69 victims.

The videos show the men dressing and using the facilities.

Officials say Nieto filmed the men using a cellphone over a three-month period while he was in the bathroom with them.

Part of Nieto’s job as a clerk was reportedly to review accidentally-recorded body cam footage filmed in places like bathrooms.

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Nieto was first arrested and accused of filming his co-workers last July but the full scope of his alleged crimes is only now coming to light.

Officials said while they identified 69 victims — some of the men could not be identified and several others chose not to be part of the case against Nieto.

Legal analyst Alexandra Kazarian told Wait the case could come with stiff penalties.

“It’s all misdemeanor conduct. So even though it sounds really creepy and sounds like an invasion of privacy it’s a very low level invasion of privacy but misdemeanor counts can be stacked. So if it’s the same victim at different times than each time, that six months can be stacked.”

The Long Beach Post reported that some of Nieto’s victims include the department’s top brass.

Police said the case came to light when one of Nieto’s co-workers allegedly observed him acting suspiciously in the restroom and reported him.

He is currently free on a $25,000 bail.

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  1. Bailey Moad says:

    I’d leave the area if I were him, not that he doesn’t deserve what should be coming to him.

  2. click52 says:

    Misdemeanor? Flush him down the sewer system head first! Kali has many weirdos, and can thank government(?) by Socialists.

  3. Another depraved gay caught in the act.
    Not Normal !

  4. Jim Wolfson says:

    A poopusher doing creepy, lewd and illegal stuff? I’m shocked.
    Another Hillary voter will need an absentee ballot in prison.

  5. Gary Barnes says:

    “stiff penalties”…. clever…

    1. Larry Waltz says:

      Thats funny

  6. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

    1. lsbrew says:

      The Drudgereport link took me to this site, CBS affiliate Los Angeles. where I read the story and watched a video. Then, out of curiosity, I went to PressCalifornia, found nothing?. what’s your point?

  7. Bob Skilnik says:

    Free Willi!

  8. Jay Barbieri says:

    A cop.

  9. Jack Jackson says:

    “Part of Nieto’s job as a clerk was reportedly to review accidentally-recorded body cam footage filmed in places like bathrooms.”

    He was just practicing so he would be better at his job. If I were him, that would be my story and I’d stick to it.

  10. Maitai Oe says:

    Another sodomite pervert.

  11. As a straight male it doesn’t bother me if some perv catches an eyeful of my junk, what would bother me is not getting a kickback for the moeny he is making selling the footage to some fetish site.

  12. Jonathan Vaughn says:

    No surprise, most of Southern California men are gay or bi Latinos.

  13. Just another Obama/Hillary/Socialism supporter.

  14. Stehr Va says:

    But but but it is California, you can do what ever makes you feel good and happy in the land of idiots. Take all the drugs you want, be any gender you choose, sleep with anyone you want , so why not if this made him feel good. I mean come on California won’t let you use a straw but a man can use the women’s restroom if he so desires, so what is the big deal, tell me that. (sarcasm)

  15. Rod Hardin says:

    Film at eleven… er I mean six.

  16. Steve Fraser says:

    Stay sexy, Long Beach.

  17. Another democrat, caught red handed. In more ways than one.

  18. There is nothing wrong with my ex home state California, that the democrats have done, that a few neutron bombs couldn’t fix.

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