FULLERTON (CBSLA) — There are Rams fans, and then there’s Dianne Wallace.

For Wallace, 81, it’s not enough that she saw her team win the NFC Championships Sunday in New Orleans. No, she needs to see them win a Super Bowl.

(credit: CBS)

“I absolutely said I have to go to a Super Bowl with the Rams before I die,” Wallace said.

(credit: CBS)

Wallace is quick to don her Rams gear – Rams blue earrings, a pendant shaped like a ram’s head on a necklace, a Rams jersey, a gold bow in her hair, blue and gold pom poms, a pair of Rams leggings, and a pair of blue Converse sneakers with gold laces and the Rams logo along the sides.

“I can’t imagine rooting for another team,” she said.

But a peek inside her “Rams room” conveys just how devoted she is.

The room is where Wallace keeps all the Rams items she has collected over the years. She has a Rams logo decal on the walls; team hats, visors, scarves, towels and rally monkeys; a pile of game tickets dating back to the 90s. A football signed by former quarterback Vince Ferragamo is displayed in a case, and she even has a 35-year-old pair of Rams team sweats she still wears to games.

However, as a devoted Rams fan, she still has one thing to cross off her bucket list – seeing her team win the Super Bowl in person.

“What else! We’re gonna win!” Wallace says.

The Los Angeles Rams face off with the New England Patriots on Feb. 3 in Atlanta. The game airs on CBS.