CABRILLO BEACH (CBSLA)  — A wet (literally) and wild (understatement) pursuit of two stolen vehicle suspects started on land and ended up in the ocean Saturday.

The two suspects ended up with the vehicle partially-submerged. Both tried to swim away but police captured the two suspects .

It was all captured on camera.

It started with a standoff on a boat ramp, authorities said.

CHP reportedly chased the two stolen car suspects and Port Police arrived on scene to assist.

A K-9 unit was also called.

Not much is known about the pursuit — where it started or how long it lasted.

“He just started his car,” observed the videographer.

CBS2’s Chris Holmstrom said law enforcement repeatedly tried to get the men to surrender. At one point the driver started driving down the boat ramp and he went — the only way he could — straight into the water.

After the vehicle floated for a bit, the driver could be seen putting something in a plastic bag. Video captured him then climbing out the window and trying to swim away after the car began to sink.

The driver begins doing the backstroke — fully clothed.

A patrol boat attempts to snag the man but he swims away evading capture for a time.

After about 45 minutes, the driver — perhaps exhausted — gave himself up. He was taken into custody.

The passenger was taken into custody after a few minutes.

Police said the stolen car was also recovered.



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