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MALIBU (CBSLA) – Heavy rain Wednesday night triggered a rock slide in Malibu that injured one person and destroyed a vehicle.

Crews responded around 6:30 p.m. to Malibu Canyon Road between Piuma Road and Civic Center Way where a Ford Taurus had been pummeled by a falling boulder.

The driver, who was not identified, was recovering after at a nearby hospital after the giant rock slid down and struck her car, shattering nearly the entire driver’s side.

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Steve Goldberg was only four cars behind the vehicle.

“I just saw the car in front of this car that got hit swerve, and for a second I thought, ‘Well, there’s nothing there.’ Then I saw a big rock come down and hit this car right here,” he said.

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works estimates the rock weighs 2 to 3 tons.

“It’s hit or miss, it just depends when the mountains are going to let go. We really don’t know,” said Ralph Maldonado with DPW. “We’ve had rain, so the mountains are saturated right now.”

Firefighters said the victim suffered a minor head injury.

“It hit the back passenger door, so I can only imagine if it hit the driver’s side,” Maldonado said.

Traffic along Malibu Canyon Road was impacted as crews worked to clear debris and mud from the road. That section of the thoroughfare is expected to reopen Thursday morning.