LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A block party on UCLA’s fraternity row that swelled to hundreds of people overnight drew police officers in riot gear looking to disperse the crowd.

Hundreds of people packed the streets near Roebling and Levering avenues in Westwood late Thursday night. Loud music was being blasted, and some people were seen drinking on the street.

Police wearing helmets and wielding batons showed up at about 1 a.m. Friday to clear the streets.

The remnants of the party – including cups, bottles and trash – were still scattered on the streets Friday morning.

It’s not clear who organized the party or whether any arrests were made.

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  1. First let me say, it ok to party that is College life for some. But you are ADULTS NOW, NOT HIGH SCHOOL KIDS….act that way. Have fun, no need to throw trash all over the streets, burn a tree, disrespect yourself as ladies or men. Urinating in pubic, use a bathroom! Hang all over each other with your hands in places they should only be in private “get a ROOM” not talking about kissing, hugging. Come on Ladies don’t drink so much you allow yourself to be abused and then wake up with regret the next day! So today get out there CLEAN UP YOUR MESS, APOLOGIZE TO THE COLLEGE FOR YOUR ACTIONS, AND TO THE POLICE FOR HAVING TO WASTE THERE TIME WHEN THEY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO, AND HOW DARE YOU THROW BOTTLES AT THEM! IF YOU ARE IDENTIFIED YOU SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL!!! AND TO YOUR PARENTS, I AM SURE MOST OF THEM CARE…..

  2. Uh… so I live on this street and the party last night was way bigger than this article says. I think there must’ve been 2,000 people at least. People were setting things on fire, slamming bottles in the middle of the street, harassing the police, and being total rearholes. Why even go to college if you’re just going to spend your time vandalizing and harassing people? Other people live in the neighborhood like your professors, TAs, staff, and medical students. The world is not about you. Get a grip UCLA students and stop acting like animals. You are a shame to the university and should not be here.

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