LAS VEGAS (CBSLA) — The latest and greatest in luxury tech and problem-solving intelligent gadgets was on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

A fair amount of buzz surrounded LG’s folding OLED television, which can roll down and be tucked out of sight in its base stand. But there were several items and gadgets that went beyond smart and futuristic.

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Juiced-up vehicles seemed to be a trend at this year’s CES, including a flying drone that a passenger can ride, a flying taxi and a smart luxury yacht. Hoversurf, the company behind the flying drones, says they have FAA certification for the vehicles which they believe could one day be a safe mode of transportation for law enforcement officers.

Straddling the divide between vehicle and personal tech, Segway introduced The Drift – unconnected electric “skates” that don’t require the user to move their legs as with typical skates, but seemed more difficult to work.

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Glasses were also given an upgrade – one pair offered a mixed-reality view capable of seeing virtual content along with actual reality, while another incorporated headphones and digital music that could be stored right on the glasses so an accompanying smart device is not needed.

Virtual reality is getting more real, with games becoming more immersive. One game simulated a roller coaster with seats that tossed and turned.

“I actually felt like you were on a roller coaster,” a custom game PC developer from Los Angeles said. “When it went on the turn, you could feel the whole turn of it. It was really surprising tech.”

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The last day of CES is Friday.