RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) – A four-year-old died from complications stemming from influenza — the first pediatric flu-related death in Riverside County this season, health officials said Wednesday.

The child, whose identity was not disclosed, was from the southwest county area and was taken to a hospital outside the county, where the death occurred last week, according to Riverside University Health System officials.

County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said the victim had not received a flu shot and did not have any known pre-existing health disorders.

“Our condolences go out to the loved ones who have suffered such a great loss,” . “This is a tragic reminder that the flu can still kill and that children are particularly susceptible to the illness. We continue to recommend community members get their flu shot.”

It marks the second flu-related death reported so far in Riverside County after a 60-year-old Riverside man died from flu-related complications in November.

While Kaiser acknowledged that last season’s flu vaccines were found to be only40 percent effective against the viral strains that spread throughout the county and state, he said even at the lower level of protection, “you’re still 40 percent less likely to get the flu, and even if you do get it, it’s usually less severe.”

According to the CDC, vaccinations have attendant risks, including causing infections, but those cases are rare.

Flu vaccine critics, including naturopathy practitioners, argue that mercury, detergents and other additives sometimes packed into the shots can do more harm than good. They generally recommend high doses of vitamin C and similar natural remedies to ward off and combat the virus.

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  1. Alessandro Machi says:

    Seniors who get the flu shot might need to have their blood pressure medications closely monitored, especially if they are active. The flu vaccine could tire the heart out more quickly on a daily basis after it has been given to a person. So if that person continues to take blood pressure reduction medication in the same dose as before while also exercising, the three in combination could put more stress on seniors. I saw this happen to my Mother a few years back. After she got her flu shot her walking times dropped by a few minutes and it took a while before they normalized. I had to figure this out on my own, nobody said anything to me. Over 70% of those who died last year from the Flu were seniors, yet this fact was hidden by the CDC and the Media.

  2. Alessandro Machi says:

    I do not know about children and the flu and this is just a shock to read about. I just question if we should be implying that not taking the flu shot somehow relates to the death of a child from the Flu.

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