SACRAMENTO (CBSLA/AP) – California’s new governor is promising the most populous state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom challenged the Trump administration repeatedly as he was sworn in to office Monday, particularly on immigration.

The former San Francisco mayor became the state’s 40th governor, succeeding the term-limited Jerry Brown.

“People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” Newsom, 51, told a crowd of hundreds packed into a tent outside the state Capitol.

SACRAMENTO, CA – JANUARY 07: Governor Gavin Newsom delivers his inaugural address after being sworn in as the 40th governor of California on January 7, 2019 in Sacramento, California. Gavin Newsom will begin his first term after serving as the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco as well as Lieutenant Governor of California since 2010 alongside outgoing governor Jerry Brown (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

He says children should not be “ripped away from their parents” at the border, and they also shouldn’t be left hungry while Trump pledges to spend billions of dollars on “a wall that should never be built.”

While he avoided referencing Trump by name, Newsom referred to the administration as corrupt and incompetent and promised California will “write America’s future.”

Even as he needled Trump, Newsom offered an overture to voters in rural California, millions of whom voted for Trump and John Cox, Newsom’s Republican rival in November.

“I recognize that many in our rural communities believe that Sacramento doesn’t care about them — doesn’t even really see them,” he said. “I see you. I care about you. And I will represent you with pride.”

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  1. Bill Thompson says:

    Why doesn’t California tear down that immoral barrier on its border from the ocean all the way out to the desert?

    Seriously. It’s racist.

  2. Vana Blair Brock says:

    Many people are missing the big picture, as well as the harmful impact this has on the future of any society. If it is ok to disobey some laws, why not all laws. If any of us feels they have this power or right, it doesn’t take long for the really low of the low to adopt the attitude that no laws matter. How long before someone says: well if you don’t want to obey these laws, I don’t feel I need to obey those laws that are protecting you. This is a very dangerous and slippery slope we are on. History will prove this to be another major blow to the positive forces trying to build a more civil society.

  3. Jeff Strailey says:

    Newsom’s comments are treasonous. He should be stopped now before he does any real damage.

    1. Patrick Stewart says:

      What we really need is a wall between California and the rest of the U.S……

  4. Jerry Schmitz says:

    Not all criminals are illegals, but all illegals are criminals. Cross the border without papers you broke the law. Over stay your visa, you have broken the law. Do not show up for your court hearing, you have broken the law. Work in this country without proper papers, you have broken the law. Use fake papers to work, you have broken the law. Use fake papers that replaces steals someone else’s ID, you have broken the law and destroyed a life. Think about it.

  5. Clyde Fromfelter says:

    Total wack job…. Guy’s brain must have fallen out along the campaign trail. No basis in reality at all. PLEASE leave the United States. We don’t want you!!!! Go be part of Mexico or North Korea. It’s time to cut off all federal funding to sanctuary zones. The morons have taken over. I feel bad for the rational majority in california that have nothing to do with this moron. SO SAD!!!!

  6. Jah Red says:

    So will the State protect me with Sanctuary from the IRS?
    Why discriminate which federal agencies you’ll protect people from?….

  7. Rick Blaine says:

    Allow illegals, give them free everything, AND slowly, but surely, confiscate the guns from the law abiding REAL American citizens in California. What do you think the natural and foreseeable conclusion to that is going to be?

  8. Abel Garcia says:

    I want ti see people arrested

  9. Samuel Green says:

    California has the worst homeless issue in the nation, and California also has the most strained potable water problem in the nation, as if their horrendous drought problem has gone away.

    These two issues with only ONE solution, and that’s CASH. When California has the cash to fix their homeless issue and water issues, including their antiquated water right issue, then they can open it’s door to sanctuary status.

    Fix the problems you have before you open your mouth making promises you cannot fulfill.

  10. Danielfb Rice says:

    Has this idiot for a Gov. ever talked with a taxpayer about his liberal utopia and who’s going to pay for this progressive wet dream? I may stop paying my taxes !!! I’m serious! Anyone who pays their taxes should scream about this hijacking of our gov’t. !!!

  11. He cares for illegals much more than he cares about Americans because they are his voters. We the American people citizens of California will continue to pay heavily for his policies and California will continue its decline.

  12. Bobby Hinds says:

    So, #1, why can he say that he can break all our laws and nothing will happen to him? #2, why can’t the federal government cut off all funding to California until they stop this? I mean really, how hard is that?

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