ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — The price of admission to get into the Magic Kingdom has gone up again.

Disneyland price hikes of up to 25 percent for daily tickets, annual passes and parking went into effect Sunday. Now, the cost to get into Disneyland and California Adventure on low-demand days jumped from $97 to $104.

On high-demand days, the price went from $135 to $149. The cost to park also went up from $20 to $25.

Disneyland has been hiking its admission prices at an increasingly frequent clip in an effort to control crowds, especially in advance of the highly-anticipated opening of Star Wars Land later this year. Admission prices to the park were hiked less than a year ago as much as 18 percent – which didn’t go well with fans on social media.

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  1. Mike McKee says:

    When you have a small 1950’s-era park located in the middle of a metropolis with many millions of residents, something has to give. Disney should drastically scale back the annual pass program; that’s one of their biggest problems. Locals shouldn’t expect a vacation destination like Disneyland to be their local hangout, with affordable pricing to match. Disney is taking a step in the right direction to try to begin pricing locals out of the “go there every night” mentality that causes overwhelming crowding. Locals who just hang out, using a pass, don’t spend much anyway. It’s the tourists who bring their families and stay for several days that bring in the big bucks. Disney had better find a way to prevent the hordes of locals from making those vacations so unpleasant that no one wants to return.

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