HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — A Canadian goose is recovering after being shot in the neck with an arrow at the same Huntington Beach park where prescription pills had been dumped, sickening two other birds.

The Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center said the goose was brought in Friday with a plastic archery arrow through its neck. Rescuers say it may have been flying around Carr Park in Huntington Beach with that arrow in its neck for as long as a week.

“It’s awful, it’s horrible,” resident Stephanie Spatz said. “Anyone who does that is inhumane.”

The bird has begun to eat on its own and is in stable condition, but still considered critical, officials said. He remains on antibiotics, pain medication and fluids. Birds often die from shock immediately after an arrow is removed, so this Canadian goose’s prognosis is promising.

If the bird had the arrow in its neck for as a long as a week, it may have been shot at the same time prescription pills were dumped at Carr Park. It’s unclear if the incidents are connected, but rescuers say it’s a strange coincidence.


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