NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — LAUSD is making arrangements to go back to school with or without full-time teachers.

The district has reportedly hired hundreds of substitutes in case staffers go ahead with a strike on Jan. 10.

Some say it’s a sign a deal is not in sight.

Hundreds of schools across Los Angeles are set to go back to school a week from Monday.

One local mom who spoke to CBSLA says her kids won’t be in the classroom if full-time teachers aren’t there with them.

“Everything they’re asking for is for us. It benefits us,” said Jenna Schwartz. “They want smaller classroom sizes. They want less testing. I’m keeping my kids home. We don’t cross picket lines.”

UTLA put out a statement saying: “…it is…irresponsible to think that 400 substitutes can educate more than 600,000 students. We believe that it is illegal for the district to hire people outside our bargaining unit…”

To which the district responded: “We have a duty to provide an education to our students, and we will take appropriate measures to do so.”

What’s appropriate is what’s in contention.

Earlier this month teachers staged a massive demonstration at Grand Park.

For nearly two years the union and district have been trying to come to terms on, among other things, raises for teachers and smaller class sizes.

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  1. Marie West says:

    There are roughly 35,000 teachers. Yes, 400 subs should about do it. If this doesn’t underscore the greed, and ill intentions of Beutner and all of his privatizer friends, I don’t know what does. Parents need to know that assistants are not allowed to teach, nor be alone with students more than 10 minutes. Read stories from the 1989 strike. No learning was happening in those classrooms then, nor will they be now. The difference is teachers and the union have powerful allies in parents and social media. Put the two together and LAUSD won’t know what hit them come January 10th. Watch.

  2. Phillip Kovak says:

    I’m currently dating a LAUSD teacher and please please please absolutely send your children to their assigned school but picket with the teachers!! The teachers aren’t allowed to talk to students about anything union related in the classroom setting. LAUSD teachers need your support, by still sending your kids to their school you put pressure on the district to resolve the strike because 400 substitutes won’t be able to accomplish anything.

    1. Phillip Kovak says:

      I realize my previous message might have been confusing, allow me clarify. In order to provide LAUSD teachers with maximum support, parents should picket with teachers before and after school, while students should remain in attendance per their normal classroom schedule. These two things will be crucial in supporting LAUSD teachers and helping the superintendent and UTLA come to an agreement.

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