LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A Los Angeles-based street artist is spreading Christmas cheer while drawing attention to the homelessness, and providing gift bags for those living on the streets.

Skid Robot has spent the last two weeks “planting” Christmas tree art around homeless encampments around L.A., leaving gift bags that include toiletries, socks, reading glasses, pet food and disposable cleaning cloths.

The anonymous artist said he spray painted Christmas trees because they evoke childhood memories and bring joy to the homeless. Skid Robot claims the homeless problem exposes the deficit of compassion in the city, and he’s stunned by the stories he has heard from homeless groups like veterans who are unemployed.

The artist is using the hashtag #SantaCause to raise money for gift bags.

“I do this anonymously because anyone could be in my shoes helping the homeless and making art. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be through graffiti. It could be through any kind gesture as long as it’s addressing the issue and keeping it in the public dialogue,” Skid Robot said.

Find more information on Skid Robot’s campaign here.

  1. Rich Tanner says:

    Are the drawings washable? He is drawing on either private or public property. Someone will have to clean up his “work”. Is he coing to return in a few days to clean up what he drew?

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