house fire, san bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) — One person was killed and several firefighters hurt in a San Bernardino house fire Saturday.

Phillip Enos, 38, died in the midday blaze. Two others, including one firefighter, were left with severe injuries.

Family members said Enos and a roommate had lived in the home for years.

Enos’ brother recalled leaving the home shortly before the fire and trying to run back in to save his brother.

“I walked two houses down to get a cigarette and I saw black smoke and I came running back. I tried to go in the back door but it was too hot,” he said.

Firefighters say they got the report just before noon and arrived to the home within six minutes but flames had already spread to three sides of the structure, making for a challenging fire fight.

Officials say three firefighters were injured when a carport fell on them, trapping them underneath. They say the structure was compromised because it was illegally built, something they were unable to see at the time. Two of those firefighters suffered minor injuries. The third remained in the hospital at the time of this report.


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