LAKE ELSINORE (CBSLA) – At least four drivers in the Lake Elsinore area have reported having their windows shattered in recent days. Although investigators say they haven’t found evidence of a shooting in any of the cases, drivers are hoping to warn others.

“Scared. My life, it flashed,” Krystle Ochoa said.

Fixing a broken window is easy, but Ochoa said fixing her piece of mind is going to take some time.

She was driving down Grand Avenue Tuesday morning when a car started tailgating her, flashing their lights.

“They decided to go around me, and during that time, I heard something hit the window and like shatter. It was a weird sound,” Ochoa said.

It was only after she pulled into a nearby shopping center that she could see the damage. Ochoa thinks it might have been caused by a pellet or BB gun.

“How dare they? What if my kids were in the car? How stupid could they be,” she said. “I could have hit them, could have hit somebody else.”

Ochoa filed a police report, but it was only when she went to get her window repaired that she found out she isn’t the only one this has happened to recently.

Another woman said her window was shot out while she was driving on Grand Avenue Monday morning.

“It’s just, What were they thinking? Why?” Ochoa said.

She doesn’t know if the other cases she has heard about are related, but she hopes whoever did this stops or gets caught.

“They’re going to hurt somebody, kill somebody,” she said.