UPLAND (CBSLA) — A car making a sudden lane change in rush hour traffic plowed into a motorcycle on the 210 Freeway, and it was all caught on the rider’s GoPro helmet camera.

Dale Waterman had left his job in Sylmar and was riding on the 210 Freeway near Mountain Avenue in Upland last week when a car veered into the left lane and slammed into him.

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The video shows night had already fallen at the time of the crash, and the lanes were rather dark, mostly lit with headlights from cars. Waterman was in the left lane, going by at a moderate pace on the right side of vehicles in his lane, when the crash happened.

Waterman had a split second to make an important decision.

“I had two options – jerk it hard to the left and maybe get knocked into the K-rail at forty miles an hour, or brace for the impact and get knocked over the side, so I chose the second option,” Waterman said.

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The impact of the collision sent him about 20 feet down the shoulder.

Good Samaritans immediately pulled over to help him. So did the driver of the car who hit him, before he took off moments later.

Waterman was able to walk away from the crash with just a few bumps and bruises.

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His GoPro was able to get a good image of the male driver, but he remains at large.