SUN VALLEY (CBSLA) — Outrage against a San Fernando Valley restaurant after an employee was recorded kicking out a homeless man.

The incident happened at Daniel’s Tacos in Sun Valley.

A customer captured on video when the employee demanded the homeless man leave the establishment.

The homeless man got up and walked across the street to the Jack in the Box.

The owner said the homeless man has caused some trouble in the past but he also said that he is working with his employees so that they can better deal with the homeless.

The owner also that the employee is no longer working at the restaurant.

  1. Rich Tanner says:

    How thoughtfull and full of love are these people are who protest against this resturant…unless the “homeless” person were in their living room, their business, their cars. Usually, percentage wise, the “homeless” are drunks or druggies who refuse to live conventionally and have jobs. They have choosen to live this way. To protect my business I would kick them out. And we do not eat at fast foods where the “homeless” are using their restrooms. What about allowing your children to use the same restroom?