BURBANK (CBSLA) — A Southwest Airlines flight arriving at Burbank Airport from Oakland skidded off the runway after landing Thursday morning.

The jet was stopped by the airport’s Engineered Material Arresting System, which is designed to stop an aircraft that goes off the end of a runway.

The flight had 117 passengers on board, many of whom were unaware there was a problem until they saw debris hitting the windows.

“Mud was hitting the windows,” passenger Grant Palmer said. “So that’s when I started thinking, well, we do have a problem here. We must no longer be on the runway.”

Shortly after the incident, passengers were calmly seen disembarking the aircraft via an emergency slide. There were no reported injuries.

“There was a little bit of sliding, and that was irregular,” passenger Brandon Myers said. “I’ve never experienced that before.”

The Federal Aviation Administration implemented a “groundstop” for Burbank for flights departing from airports within about a three-hour flying distance of Burbank.

The groundstop was lifted just before 11 a.m.

Flights from other airlines were continuing to depart from Burbank.

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  1. Mack Davis says:

    ‘Leslie” should be doing voice-overs for cartoons.

  2. These pilots are supposed to be trained to watch for the possibility for hydroplaning. Southwest better get a handle on their pilots currency for this or they are gonna get a lot of damaged planes.

    1. What is your point? All US Airline Transport Pilots are trained on the same schedule as all other ICAO Pilots. You seem to think that you know more than you obviously do. Southwest has an enviable safety record. In nearly 50 years, they have lost one passenger and one person on the ground. Not to minimize those families’ losses, whatsoever, but they have one of the best safety recordsof any airline. They are the largest carrier of US domestic passengers, and the largest operator of 737 aircraft anywhere in the world.

      1. Actually, Southwest has a very dismal safety record compared to all the other major airlines; the difference is SW is in bed with the FAA and gets by with a lot more. How come there wasn’t much reported by the news or the FAA regarding the woman who was killed being sucked out of a SW jet a while back? You remember the incident involving the fatigued engine don’t you? SW has a history of running off runways, this is nothing new. Hush money will be paid…

  3. I love Americans. The plan almost runs off into a highway, and they’re like “Meh.”
    And as for the SW pilot, the airline has only had one passenger fatality in its entire history, which isn’t a bad safety record.

  4. Back in 2000…Another SW plane went off runway at Burbank, through the airport fence,and across Hollywood Way. Finished just shy of the Chevron station there.

  5. Richard Richter says:

    They had another plane run off the runway at Midway in Chicago several years ago. Jumped the fence and onto a road, killing a child in a car. The accident was attributed to miscalculation by the pilots of the stopping distance.

  6. Ray Watters says:

    Southwest does have a history at Burbank. In 1971, I was a Supervisor for Continental at Burbank. During rainstorms, we would take turns having Lockheed security take us to the intersection of the two runways (15/33 and 7/25) to measure the standing water. At a certain point, we would send our planes to an alternate. I do remember one day when we cancelled landings for our flights, but Southwest kept coming. One Southwest aircraft nearly didn’t stop in time.

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