LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA) – A man is under arrest after police raided his Huntington Beach home Tuesday and found dozens of guns and Nazi memorabilia.

Mitchell Todd (Laguna Beach PD)

Laguna Beach police officers served a search warrant at the home of 51-year-old Mitchell Todd in the 15400 block of Cambay Lane after receiving a complaint that the suspect had made threats against another person.

Inside his home, officers found more than 50 weapons, several pounds of ammo and Nazi memorabilia. According to police, 12 of the guns are registered to Todd.

Laguna police Sgt. Jim Cota told CBS2 officers found cloth flags with Nazi symbols, along with a confederate flag and a picture of Adolf Hitler.

(Laguna Beach Police Department)

It’s unclear if Todd was part of any hate groups.

Todd was arrested on charges of making criminal threats.

Detectives say a dispute over a funeral led to investigators showing up at Todd’s home, according to CBS2’s Michele Gile.

(Laguna Beach PD)

Todd also owns several doves that police believe he brings to wedding and funeral services. At the center of the dispute, according to investigators, is the failure of Todd to remain at a ceremony long enough to release the doves.

  1. Spencer Garver says:

    The TL;DR
    Laguna Beach PD used “the sound of a racking gun” to issue a search warrant that ended up with them seizing this mans legally owned firearms.

    Longer Version
    An HB man was having a financial dispute with someone who owed him money. That someone reported to the police that the HB man had left a voicemail, of what allegedly, sounded like a firearm racking. That was enough evidence to issue a search warrant, arrest him, seizing his legally owned firearms and ammunition.

    This whole thing worries the hell out of me. NO WHERE in the story do they mention actual proof of a threat. The closest thing they have is what sounds like a racked gun, which in and of itself is NOT a threat without extra context, let alone enough of a threat to issue a search warrant and have your 2nd amendment rights suspended. Over and over in this story they bring up how he had over 50 firearms. There is no law saying how many firearms you can own, nor is it illegal to own that many. They make it a point that he collected Nazi memorabilia, even though you can tell from the pictures they supplied, it was more than likely in a collectors capacity. They even mention that he is most likely not a white supremacist, in a day and age where the news is tripping over themselves to find them.

    There may very well be actual evidence pointing more nefarious things this man did or said, that caused the LBPD to issue a search warrant and arrest him. But going by the evidence provided in THIS news broadcast, this seems exactly like a way to illegally search and seize some ones firearms. I’m ashamed that KCAL9 would actually run this kind of a story, because either they are reporting false information, or reporting a story before information is provided. Either way, not very good or ethical reporting.

    Its very worry sum when the news is criminalizing a US citizen of owning firearms.

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