LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Hundreds of thousands of travelers were passing through Los Angeles International Airport Sunday, one of the busiest travel days, following the long weekend.

Over the course of the previous 11-day period, airport officials said they expected a total of 2.52 million travelers to pass through.

Sunday morning was no exception, with 249,000 people expected to pass through the airport. That equates to 107 vehicles passing through the airport per minute.

By Sunday evening, reports CBSLA’s Adrianna Weingold, there was a traffic backup in the LAX “loop” that was taking people around 45 minutes to get through the airport.

Some Lyft and Uber drivers were simply canceling their rides because they couldn’t get to the passengers.

Monday was expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday period.

  1. LR Erickson says:

    I was at LAX at 3:15pm today, yes it took about 25 minutes to get to terminal 3 and drop off. I noticed the long lines of people at the Arrival Level waiting for UBER. Just saw your report and interview with travelers who related long waits and cancellations of UBER.

    Amazing that people are putting up with that, when you consider that Uber did not exist just a couple years ago and that there are still other options!

    I can’t help wondering if anyone considered walking back down to baggage claim and getting into a taxi cab that is likely waiting just outside the door, with a licensed professional driver who is used to driving in traffic, unlike some UBERS, obviously!

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