PARADISE (CBSLA) — President Donald Trump has received some backlash on social media after inadvertently referring to the northern California community of Paradise as Pleasure.

The slip-up occurred after the president visited the fire-scarred area that is now home to the nation’s deadliest wildfire in the nation.

Joined by Gov. Jerry Brown, and other officials, Trump said:

“If you’re watching from New York or you are watching from Washington D.C., you don’t really see the gravity of it.

“And what we saw at Pleasure, what a name right now. But we just saw, we just left Pleasure …”

That was the moment at which Trump was corrected by those around him, and also self-corrected his statement.

On social media, many took to Twitter. Below are a handful of tweets.

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  1. Stuart Nimmo says:

    Here we are in Europe watching ”Snot, our President”, so disinterested in the Paradise fire and loss of life that some half an hour later the sod had already forgotten the town’s name. Take heart though! The truth is that he must now know that a bit of ’self-pleasure’ is as close as he’ll ever get to Paradise. The old boy is definitively beyond hope, should be put out of his misery. It would be a merciful release.

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