MENIFEE (CBSLA) – Authorities have released surveillance photos of two suspects wanted in a hit-and-run that killed a driver early Monday morning in Menifee as he was rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth to their baby girl.

Security photos of the two suspects from a nearby gas station. Nov. 12, 2018. (Menifee Police)

Ricky Sandoval, 22, was driving his wife, 23-year-old Alyssa Sandoval, both of Hemet, west down Highway 74 at around 1:45 a.m. Monday in a Lexus sedan when a Toyota truck headed north on Menifee Road ran a red light at the intersection and slammed into their car.

“The truck had just come out, and just ran the red light, and hit them,” witness Lexi Cortes told CBS2.

“A boom, and like dirt everywhere,” Cortes added.

The truck driver and a male passenger exited the truck and ran away, leaving Ricky and Alyssa and their unborn baby girl trapped inside their car, which was upside down in a ditch.

“They ran back towards the field that way toward the trees,” Cortes said.

The suspects also left behind two of their own female passengers, two injured teen girls, ages 17 and 15.

The suspects’ truck. (Menifee PD)

By the time paramedics arrived on scene, Ricky had died.

“I watched my husband suffer,” Alyssa told CBS2 from the hospital Wednesday, with stitches in her forehead.

“I watched him slowly die by choking on his own blood.”

Alyssa survived the crash and her newborn daughter, Daisy Ricky, was delivered by emergency C-section Monday night. They are recovering in the hospital before they go home, where Daisy Ricky’s twin sisters are waiting.

“I’m just thankful she survived because I really didn’t think she was going to,” Alyssa said.

Security cameras from inside a gas station across the street from the crash captured footage of the suspects. A witness told CBS2 the two suspects purchased beer at the gas station just moments before the crash.

“His (one of the suspects) girlfriend said they were drinking,” Cortes said. “She was like, ‘yeah, the boys have been drinking.’”

It’s unclear if police have identified the two suspects. Anyone with information on their whereabouts or identities of the suspects should call Menifee police.