LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Poor air quality was affecting Southern California residents as the Woolsey fire continued to burn Saturday.

The fire, which had scorched more than 83,000 acres, caused a blanket of smoke across the region, causing health hazards for those with compromised immune systems and children.

In Pasadena, families could be seen roaming the streets with face masks.

“We have a son who has a lung condition so during this time of difficult air quality, we’ve encouraged him to use his prophylactic inhaler steroid and bronco dilate on a regular basis,” said Cindy Douglas, a mother.

As a result of the fires, public health officials have issued an air quality alert for central LA County, west and east San Fernando Valley, and western San Gabriel Valley.

“We could see all the haze in the distance and it looked terrible,” said Douglas.

Although the general public is not likely to be affected, people with lung disease, older adults, and children are at a greater risk.

Symptoms include wheezing, bronchitis, cough, chest pain, inflammation, irregular heartbeat, and irritated eyes.

The elderly and those with asthma are particularly susceptible.

Officials recommend keeping windows closed, and limiting outside activity.

“We should all be praying for those firefighters and all those people at risk. My husband just recently retire from LA City Fire and it’s a tough job,” said Douglas.


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