SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – A poll worker is accused of refusing to let a military vet vote in Lake Forest.

Former Army veteran John Reader says an older man with a beard and a Hawaiian shirt told him a flag on his t-shirt was a “symbol of hatred” and was prohibited in a polling place.

“I was standing here waiting to vote, and a gentleman…said this flag was an item of protest and symbol of hatred,” Reader said. “I clearly explained it was an American flag, he said it’s not in color, I was not allowed to wear it.

“He wouldn’t let me vote unless I turned my shirt inside out, which I refused to do,” added Reader.

Witnesses say this man – only identified as “Bill” – accused an Army vet of supporting President Donald Trump because of a flag on his t-shirt. (credit: CBS)

Witnesses say the man – only identified as “Bill” – accused Reader of supporting President Donald Trump.

Connie Hernandez was among those who saw the incident.

“I thought it was disgusting, quite frankly,” she said. “There were many members who were upset, they expressed their anger to me, they expressed their anger on the way out, took picture’s of John’s shirt.”

After the county registrar was contacted, Reader was finally allowed to vote, but only after about a 90-minute delay.

Officials say the volunteer poll worker will be retrained if he chooses to work in future elections.

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  1. leslymill says:

    Retrained??????? He should be prevented.

  2. Cathe Gurski Tewksbury says:

    This has me furious. THAT poll worker didn’t do that because of training issues. Are people really that stupid? HOW DARE ANY ONE MAKE A COMMENT TO A VOTER THAT HE CAN’T VOTE BECAUSE OF WHO THEY SUPPORT?

  3. John Trapp says:

    Did he try the tried and true method of saying “Why don’t you go F yourself mofo”? I sure as hell would.

  4. Vanessa Ives says:

    A poll worker tried to tell my husband he couldn’t wear his t-shirt that said I smell hippies with a picture of Reagan on it. He backed off when my husband said this man is dead and smelling hippies is not political!

  5. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Why isn’t “Bill” getting his jaw wired shut?

  6. Michael Z. Williamson says:

    And this is why they get helicopter rides.

  7. Gary Harper says:

    Bill is the proverbial horse’s ass.

  8. Jack Perry Perry says:

    Odds on bet would be that he was extremely well trained and carrying out his task in true stelar dem shill fashion.

  9. Mike Meining says:

    “Former Army veteran”…..there is no “former Veteran”….once you serve you are a Veteran for life!

  10. Michael Montgomery says:

    Retrained??? How about a major ass whopping.

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