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IRVINE (CBSLA) — California’s gubernatorial candidates are making a last-minute push to get voters to the polls.

Election day is three days away, leaving two more days for intense campaigning.

The candidates got heroes welcomes at their respective campaign stops: John Cox, in L.A. County, and Gavin Newsom, in Orange County.

Newsom insists he’s not out to attack his opponent.

“I’m not attacking him. I’m attacking the challenges in this state. We talk about housing, homelessness, we talk about affordability,” he insisted.

Cox repeatedly drove home his plans.

“We’re gonna repeal the gas tax. We are going to stop throwing money down the drain on that bullet train,” he said.

If you believe the polls, Newsom has it all wrapped up, enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls. But he’s not taking that for granted. In 2016, Donald Trump trailed Hilary Clinton in the polls, only to win with Democrats left to wonder if their side got complacent and ended up not going  to the polls. That recent history lesson still stings Democrats, including Newsom.

“That’s why we are out campaigning. That’s why I’ve got the bus,” he said. “It barely mentions our name. It says: ‘Vote.'”

All the candidates can do right now is talk-up their game. Both have their eyes on our state’s top prize: settling in Sacramento to guide California for the next four years.


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