VALLEY GLEN (CBSLA) – A man caught on video stealing Halloween decorations from homes in Valley Glen last weekend returned some of the stolen items Wednesday with an apology note.

On Saturday night, a man, with a young girl in tow, was caught on security video stealing Halloween decorations from at least two homes in the 5700 block of Matilija Avenue.

A man caught on video stealing Halloween decorations from a home in Valley Glen, Calif., on Oct. 27, 2018. (Ring)

In one of the thefts, he stole pumpkins and a scarecrow off the front porch of a home owned by a woman named Diana.

“First I saw him and I thought, really what a jerk, stealing Halloween decorations,’” Diana said. “And then his little girl ran up and I just thought, ‘oh my goodness,’ really that’s such a horrible role model.'”

CBS2 ran a piece on the theft on its newscast Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Diana found the stolen items returned with a note that read, “Your items have been returned. I am so embarrassed. I know how it looks in the video, but believe me, I’m not a bad person.”

The letter went on to explain that he had recently been fired from his job.

“I’m really glad that he returned the things,” Diana added. “I’m really glad that he obviously feels so much remorse.”

Diana said she has no intention of prosecuting the man. She says the stolen items were worth only about $20.

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