GLENDALE (CBSLA) — A Glendale high school is still dealing with the aftermath of a major fight that broke out on campus weeks ago.

Hoover High School cancelled its Homecoming football game last week just hours before it was scheduled to take place amid concerns of violence.

It’s been nearly a month since the fight broke out and the school district says after investigating they’ve determined the whole thing was a misunderstanding and everyone involved has been appropriately disciplined.

“Those same students that were in that fight have come together through restorative circles. Those students right now are getting along,” said Glendale USD Superintendent Winfred Roberson.

“As rumors kept coming in, it reached a critical point for us. And we wish we had enough information sooner, and we would have done it sooner,” he explained about the last-minute decision to cancel the game, upsetting parents and students.

Maria Mangasarian, whose son is on the football team, doesn’t buy the district’s explanation. She says the seniors are especially upset that what could have been one of the most memorable experiences of their high school careers was taken away from them. She says that’s why many of them walked out of school in protest earlier this week. She fears more fights could break out as a result.

“It might be in their eyes at the school, everything’s fine. But there’s the outside stuff, there’s still tension,” she said.

“Our Hoover community will be united as we learn from this and make our school an even more remarkable place. We’re going to focus on communication, not confrontation,” she said.

Hoover High School Principal Jennifer Earl says the school will be having regular listening sessions for students and parents.

Mangasarian doesn’t think it will be that easy.

“I don’t think it’s over. I just want my son to graduate, that’s all,” she said. “Just graduate and wash my hands of Hoover.”


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