LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Seven hours and 20 minutes, 18 innings and 561 pitches later, the Los Angeles Dodgers and fans celebrated a crucial victory in the longest World Series game in history.

Max Muncy homered to lift the Boys in Blue over the Red Sox 3-2 in the early morning hours Saturday. Fans staggered out Dodgers Stadium at 12:30 a.m., when most of the country was asleep.

“Greatest game I’ve ever seen,” a young fan said.

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Dedicated supporters shouted “Let’s go Dodgers!” and “Dodgers are coming back!” as they made their way home ahead of Game 4 that was only about 16 hours away.

“It was so exciting, very exciting – even if the score may not have indicated that. But just seeing how the players never didn’t give up” said season ticket holder Ed Jackson.

[Reporter: “Did you ever debate leaving?]

“Never! They need me there. I didn’t go for World Series number 7, the game, and they lost. So I’m not gonna have that on my conscious again,” Jackson said.

Some left the stadium and never went to sleep. KCAL9’s Joy Benedict caught up with a few weary fans at Primo’s Donuts who were pulling an all-nighter.

“I’ve been up all night, I have to watch the Dodgers, yes,” said founder Ralph Primo. “Everyone please come down and get your Dodger donuts.”

Primo’s Donuts has donuts complete with the Dodgers’ logo for those looking for a sweet treat to match a sweet victory.

“As long as the Dodgers keep winning, we’re gonna be making these donuts,” Primo said.

First pitch is at 5:09 p.m.


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