Ryan Mayer

The Dodgers dropped Game 1 of the World Series, 8-4, to the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Tuesday. That’s not exactly the start that Dodgers fans were hoping for, particularly with ace Clayton Kershaw getting the start on the mound.

Looking at the historical stats this morning may have left you feeling even worse. Winners of Game 1 of a best-of-seven World Series have gone on to win the Series 63.3 percent of the time (69-40). That trend has become even more stark in the last 20 years with the winner of Game 1 taking the Series 16 times.

Okay, so where is the good news? Well, the hope for the Dodgers in bucking this trend lies in the last two World Series champions. Both the 2017 Houston Astros and the 2016 Chicago Cubs came back from losing the first game of the World Series to win in seven games.

Dodgers fans are more than familiar with that 2017 comeback having watched it happen to their team. The 2016 series, for those that don’t remember, featured the Cubs digging a 3-1 hole against the Cleveland Indians before winning Games 5, 6, and 7 to earn their first World Series title in over 100 years.

Two years worth of data doesn’t scream “new trend” and sure, the overall numbers aren’t in the Dodgers favor. But, to quote Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”


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