Tucson, AZ (KPHO/KTVK) — A Tucson mother is hoping you can brighten her son’s day.

Over the weekend, Sil Mazzini said she invited over 30 children from Teddy’s school to attend his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza on Broadway Boulevard in Tucson.

credit: Sil Mazzini

The table was filled with pizza and drinks, but his fellow classmates did not show, Mazzini said.

Teddy was pretty sad that no one showed up to his party, so his mother is now hoping you could wish him a happy birthday.

According to KPHO, the Phoenix Suns have invited Teddy to Wednesday’s game against the Lakers after discovering the photo.

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  1. Greg Pum says:

    HappY Birthday Teddy! I hope you had a awesome birthday! Greg Rochester NY

  2. Rene de Belen says:

    Happy birthday Teddy! You are special and this day is especially made for you. Enjoy it with your family. Rene de Belen from California!

  3. Happy birthday Teddy!. Have a great day!

  4. Teddy have an awesome time at the game for your birthday SURPRISE!!!!

  5. Jeannette Mallett-German says:

    Happy birthday Teddy all the way from Southern California! Enjoy the game and put a smile on that precious face of yours 🙂 Much love to you

  6. Lizeth Joya says:

    Happy birthday buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wolfgang Wosmann says:

    Happy Birthday, Teddy, from Wolfgang Wosmann from far away in Germany!

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