PALMDALE (CBSLA) – Family members are worried about an elderly Palmdale couple who went missing Wednesday morning and need their medication.

Lori Clark and her niece, Bonnie Davis, spent the day driving around Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale.

“We went everywhere, the local grocery store, her doctor’s offices,” Clark said.

Her father – 87-year-old Keith Davis, who has had Alzheimer’s disease for 15 years – and her mother – 91-year-old Pauline Davis, who can’t hear or see well.

“She can’t see the street lights anymore to tell if dad’s in the wrong place. She’s almost blind,” Clark said.

The Davises have been married for 63 years and have lived in their Palmdale house for more than 50 years.

They apparently drove away in their car, a 2011 maroon Ford Fusion, and haven’t been seen since.

Clark said her father has left before but has always come back. Her mother is missing her heart medication, which was left at the house.

Their only daughter’s biggest concern is the couple’s safety.

“That they’re hurt. No one to help them,” Clark said.

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  1. Brandee Jamma says:

    Where was the caregiver responsible for Keith and Pauline Davis?? The state of California currently has laws imposing “legal duty on adult children to care for and protect their elderly parents”. The Davis’, an 87 year old with advanced “Alzheimer’s” and a 91 year old with a “heart condition” who “is almost blind” and “can’t hear well”, require FULL TIME CARE. Lori Clark admits that Mr. Davis has recently driven a vehicle — California DMV only allows for drivers with “MILD dementia as they may still have preserved the cognitive skills necessary to safely drive including attention, judgement and memory”.

    This responsibility for care may be inconvenient for adult children (i.e. Lori Clark), and elderly parents most often vehemently object, however the only alternative is called “ELDER ABUSE”.