LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – City contractors who have ties to the National Rifle Association could soon be required to disclose them, under a motion passed unanimously Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

The motion, approved by a 10-0 vote, does not ban NRA-linked contractors from doing business with the city, but would require them to disclose any contracts or sponsorships they have with the gun rights advocacy group.

The NRA did not immediately responded to a request for comment.

The vote on the NRA motion, which was written by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, directs the city attorney to draft an ordinance outlining the new disclosure rules, which will need to be voted on by the City Council.

“For the sake of transparency, the city’s residents and stakeholders deserve to know how the city’s public funds are being spent, and whether taxpayer funds are being spent on contractors that have contractual or sponsorship ties with the NRA,” the motion states.

O’Farrell’s motion does not state if the city currently has any contractors with ties to the NRA.

Los Angeles has taken on several similar weapons issues in recent years.

In August, Councilman Mitch Englander introduced a motion with would make possessing, downloading or distributing a blueprint for 3D firearm a misdemeanor in the city of L.A.

Last year, the council was forced to repeal a longtime ban on the sale of “ultracompact” handguns. The ban, which was enacted in 2001, prevented the sale of firearms with a length less that 6.75 inches or a height less than 4.5 inches within city limits.

The NRA and California Rifle & Pistol Association had long been opposed to the ban, and threatening legal action if it was not overturned, arguing that state law allowed the sale of some of the weapons and preempted the local ordinance.

In 2015, the council approved a ban on high-capacity gun magazines with more than 10 rounds.

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  1. nnatanom says:

    Definitely discriminatory, so this will leave the city wide open for more lawsuits as the city will need to prove every time they deny a contract that it wasn’t based on a political discrimination against a contractor’s 1st amendment rights. Tax payers footing the bill of course.

  2. Gerry Nance says:

    So what if a civilian contractor tells government it has NRA membership, and the government discriminates against the civilian on 1st Amendment freedom of association? Imagine the lawsuits going to SCOTUS.

  3. Gary Archer says:

    So what if a city contractor supports 2A rights. It has ZERO to do with their qualifications or their ability to place a bid. This smacks of intimidation and is tantamount to blackmail. The city council should ALL be immediately fired.

  4. Raymond A. Sirois Sr. says:

    Are contractors also going to be required to disclose any ties they might have to Planned Parentood?

    1. Howard Beck says:

      Of course not sir. You know that’s different.

  5. Steve Merrette says:

    Do they also require similar disclosure for any contractor with ties to Planned Parenthood? Yeah, I know, what am I thinking…

  6. Jonah Kyle says:

    First Amendment violation. If I were still contracting in LA, I would file suit.

  7. “For the sake of transparency, the city’s residents and stakeholders deserve to know how the city’s public funds are being spent, and whether taxpayer funds are being spent on contractors that have contractual or sponsorship ties with the NRA,” the motion states.

    No. They deserve to know if they can do the job awarded, for the cost of the contract, that they follow employment law for their employees and that they were awarded the contract in a fair process with other companies. Nothing else is relevant.

  8. Tom Smithdeal says:

    As a general contractor in Georgia, I feel a sense of loss that I can’t bid on any of their projects so I can sue the pants off them…..probably would never have to work again after I got the millions I would win.

  9. As a left leaning Democrat I feel this is against the constitution and the right to free association.
    If my association to any legal group is used against me in a competition on a bid it is unconstitutional. I think the city council needs rethink this and the slippery slope it brings.

  10. Suzanne Berens says:

    So, where is the motion that requires all contractors to disclose their membership, ties to or support for Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, Alcoholics Anonymous, AAA, AntiFa, NAACP, any LGBT group, ACLU, Little League, Boy or Girl Scouts, any alumni association, fraternities & sororities, religious denominations? Does anyone else see the parallels to 1930’s Germany? This is where it all begins…

  11. Big time discriminatory issue. Given that city is big time anti gun, those business will most likely not get picked for the job they budded on. Why else would they want to know. Or in order to gain the contract, they will have to cut their fees so low that doing business with the city will be a serious burden on the contractor. I see nothing good from this. I stopped doing business with that city and county a very long time ago. Perhaps others should do likewise.

  12. I would think a city so well acquainted with McCarthyism would shy away from something like this.

  13. Timothy Toroian says:

    Wonder how long it will take SCOTUS to declare that unconstitutional, unless, of course a lower court does it first.

  14. Warren Cohen says:

    wonder how this will play in the Courts? Might make it past the 9th the if the US Supreme Court gets to hear it –

  15. When you consider the past and current discriminatory actions by the city of LA in their shameful record as one of the worst cities in the U.S.when it comes to enforcing existing federal gun laws against criminals, their hypocrisy demands a class action discrimination lawsuit against both the city AND its voting members for willfully ignoring what they should know.

  16. That magazine ban was repealed by the City Council so that it wouldn’t duplicate the (now suspended) State standard capacity magazine possession ban. In doing that, possession is now legal in LA.

  17. David Shepardson says:

    My first thought was, is this a violation of freedom of association, then my second thought was contractors should refuse to bid on LA contracts, lay off and send back to Mexico their illegal immigrant workers, or sign them up for “benefits” and let LA take the credit for their socialist agenda…

  18. Transparency my butt, they will do anything to make the govt. more powerful, take away any existing rights & make anything the left doesn’t like illegal…..Ha except the illegals. We should just Give Mexico Ca. cause it ain’t worth Sh!t these days.

  19. Steve Saaf says:

    Fascist Big Brother is watching…..waiting………

  20. Philip Barbee says:

    Can you say, “Joe McCarthy?”

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