SACRAMENTO (CBSLA) — California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday vetoed a bill that would have extended alcohol sales until 4 a.m.

Senate Bill 905, introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), would have updated the California drinking law on the books since 1913 that ends late-night alcohol service at 2 a.m.

Nine cities would have been impacted by the law including Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Long Beach.

“California’s laws regulating late-night drinking have been on the books since 1913,” Brown said in a statement. “I believe we have enough mischief from midnight to 2 without adding two more hours of mayhem.”

The governor cited opposition from the California Highway Patrol in making his decision. The CHP said it would lead to more drunk driving.

In August a coalition came out against the bill, holding a press conference hosted by California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA), Alcohol Justice and Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz.

“It is a shame that we will continue to stifle our nightlife economy,” Wiener said in a statement. “But I remain committed to modernizing these outdated laws.”

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  1. 4 am last call will aid law enforcement in catching drunken motorist by allowing people to leave night clubs and bars when tired maybe even after they have sobered up. By limiting them to a timeline that ends at 2am this forces drunken party goers out onto the street full of energy and ready to cause problems like increased drunk driving Street fights and assaults, not to mention gun violence. With these intoxicated people on the roads in such large numbers there are not enough law enforcement offers on the road to catch them all. If the cut off was 4am it would stretch out the time for law enforcement to seek and find drunken drivers by the fact that they would leave establishments at a slower pace. We have watched over the years as rowdy crowds have caused problems in front of night clubs and bars that shut down a 1:30 am for a 2 am close. These crowds of party goers are full of energy, intoxicated, and rowdy, Their next step is getting into their vehicles all within 30 mins and headed to the roads. Many of these party goers are DUI. With this situation happening everynight, way too many DUI/DWI drivers are not caught. Law enforcement cannot be an effective deterrent to this behavior because too maly DUI/DWI law offenders are not being caught.

    Lets try again and get it right.

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