SAN CLEMENTE (CBSLA) – It’s not every day someone gets to drive a $4 million sports car. Even rarer that a teen gets to take their driver’s test with 1,500-horsepower revving in the engine.

Matt Spector, a 17-year-old from Orange County, took his test in a Bugatti Chiron – and it was captured on camera.

YouTuber James “TheStrandman” picked up his friend Matt from Dana Hills High School and drove him to the San Clemente DMV.

“This is the most important day of Matt’s entire life,” James said.

A camera inside the car captured Matt receiving directions from an instructor during the test.

The instructor said Matt did “very good,” though he received one mark off for “jerky” acceleration. Besides that, he passed with flying colors and received a pat on the back – literally – from James.

How did the teen celebrate the milestone? A trip to McDonald’s, of course.