LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A woman not necessarily trying to make a statement about women’s rights with her shirt might actually be getting the message across to more people after getting told to cover up at Dodgers Stadium.

Lifelong Dodgers fan Haley Pollock and her boyfriend attended Friday’s home game against the San Diego Padres wearing a shirt with a diagram of uterus on it. The shirt read “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.” She was also wearing a pin with a crossed-out swastika.

Then she was approached by security guards who said her shirt was offensive.

“My reaction was, ‘What could possibly be offensive about a uterus?'” says Pollock, a 34-year-old law student and women’s rights activist. “There’s nothing offensive about my shirt. My shirt is an image, a line drawing of a uterus.”

Guards told Pollock she could stay if she wore her jacket or she could leave. The couple decided to leave after 20 minutes, but not before feeling humiliated.

“I essentially had to stand there with my shirt open for them to stare at my chest so that they could read what was on my chest, for them to tell me what was appropriate, and that’s ridiculous,” Pollock says.

Haley Pollock’s uterus shirt (credit: CBS)

To add insult to injury, Pollock says, there were women wearing shirts reading, “She wants the D,” referring to a stylized Dodgers “D,” a pun for a slang word for “penis.”

“‘She wants the D.’ Granted, that’s not Dodgers merchandise, but there’s no problem with women wearing that,” insists Pollock.

The incident has tainted her, her boyfriend’s and her dog Vin Scully’s love for the Boys in Blue.

“They’re my team. I’m a little disappointed in how the organization is treating me right now,” says Pollock.

Pollock reached out to the Dodgers for an apology. The team provided the following statement to CBS2 News:

“There is no dress code but under our Fan Code of Conduct, we have several provisions about indecent clothing. We’re not going to comment on this specific incident, but we are in contact with Ms. Pollock and are reviewing it internally.”

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  1. William P. Cushing says:

    While I think the shirt is funny and hardly offensive, when people (and yes, I do mean you on the political left) become obsessed with declaring everything said you disagree with “hate” speech or “offensive,” did you NOT expect it t blow up in your collectivist faces at some point? Here ya go. . .now let the name-calling begin.

    1. Wow, the only one making this into a political issue is you. Sorry to disappoint you but no name calling here.

  2. Say it ain’t so, Dodgers. :-(.
    Please don’t make me stop being a avid Dodger fan. I have been one since 1958!!!!

  3. Straight up misogynistic and sexist. Dodgers need to make this right.

  4. Scott Bridgeford says:

    She wore the shirt to get a reaction. She got one.
    She deserves nothing. Tired of all the BS.

  5. Bill Thomas says:

    The irony to this is that she easily could have worn “Phuck the Phillies” and nobody would have cared.

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