ARIZONA (CBSLA)  — David Brill is a doctor and he’s running for Congress in Arizona.

He’s to the left of his constituents on some key issues but his support thus far is wide-reaching and even coming from some unlikely folks.

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Unlikely might be an understatement. Very unlikely.

When Paul Gosar, the 59-year-old  incumbent who is running against Brill, sees the doctor’s latest campaign ad he might get physically ill. Gosar has represented Arizona’s conservative 4th district since 2011.

Six of Paul Gosar’s siblings — Tim, Jennifer, Gaston, Joan, Grace and David — have teamed in that ad urging people to vote against their brother and vote for Brill.

Say what now?

The far-right Gosar — a dentist — made headlines earlier this month for having what CNN called “A lengthy dinner with an extremist anti-Muslim politician” this past July in London.

Seven of his siblings accuse him of being a white supremacist and they’ve had it. After Charlottesville they said they barely recognize their brother.

David told a newspaper their brother “doesn’t appear well.”

The six siblings who chose to appear in the ad are ripping him saying their brother has destroyed the family name. Paul Gosar is the oldest of ten siblings. Seven have publicly denounced him, two have remained mum. But the ones who are talking aren’t mincing words.

One called him a clear racist. Another said he traded in everything he learned around the family kitchen table.

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“None of this,” said brother David, a lawyer, “is pleasant for any of us. We had to stand up for our good name.”

“It’s horrible to have to do this,” said Jennifer, identified in the ad as a medical interpreter.

“To speak up against my brother,” said engineer Joan, “brings sadness to me.”

Sad or not, other siblings piled on.

“I couldn’t be quiet any longer,” Grace, a rural physician added. “nor should any of us be.”

Tim, a private investigator, called the ad a virtual intervention.

“It’s intervention time,” he said, “when you go to vote, you go to vote…to vote Paul out.”

Gosar, an outspoken Donald Trump fan, won his district with 71 percent of the vote in 2016.

Saturday, Gosar sent out the following tweet calling his siblings “disgruntled Hillary supporters.”