LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Our beautiful blue sky gave way to an ugly and unhealthy 87 consecutive “bad air” days this summer.

“I already know it when I wake up in the morning. I have a hard time breathing,” pulmonary patient Lennie Johnson said.

For almost three straight months, our air violated federal smog standards.

Officials at the Air Quality Management District say they are more concerned with how high the unsafe levels are than how many days in a row we have bad air.

“Last year was our worst year in some time. This year was a little better,” a spokesperson said.

This comes after several years of improved air quality. And doctors say it’s cause for concern.

“Each time the air quality gets worse, we increased levels of, or exacerbations of, patients with asthma or COPD,” said pulmonologist, Dr. Daryl Banda.

“For some people, the hot air can cause bronchial constriction of the airwaves which makes it harder to breathe,” Dr. Banda said.

Experts agree the heat is a big part of the problem, and say recent record-setting temperatures are partially to blame.

  1. Daryl Banta says:

    CLARIFICATION: the physician’s name is DARYL BANTA, MD

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