RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — Normally at this time of the month the danger of rattlesnakes starts to diminish a little bit. But that’s not the case in Riverside County where three rattlesnakes slithered onto a private property and one person was bitten.

Amber Griffin’s husband came face to face with a big old rattlesnake in his Riverside backyard.

“Three, four inches wide in diameter,” said Griffin.

Griffin says it scared them both half to death.

“Because you never know if they’re gonna reach out to you or chase you,” said Griffin.

It was one of three rattlesnakes in four days that had to be removed from homes in Riverside County. One of which slithered its way inside of someone’s living room.

This is one of three rattlesnakes that were removed from homes. (credit: CBS)

John Welsh with Riverside County Animal Services said when a retiree found a rattlesnake in his house he tried to capture it himself.

“Snake didn’t want anything to do with that and bit him on the hand,” said Welsh. “The venom raced through his system fairly quickly,”

He’s spent several days in the hospital getting anti-venom treatments.

“I wouldn’t use a Maxwell House coffee can,” said Welsh.

“He should have called animal control,” said Riverside resident Robert Barton.

Like Barton did Thursday when he found a rattlesnake taking a dip in his swimming pool.

“Yeah, cute and cuddly,” said Barton with laughter.

It circled around the pool drainage system for a while before an animal control officer yanked it out.

“Took the noose a little but and just wiggled it around and then snared it,” said Barton.

Barton think the snakes are coming out this far into September because it’s been a hot week.

But Welsh says rattlesnake season is still in full effect.

  1. Wendy Averill says:

    Snakes don’t chase people! That information should be corrected in the article because it only increases fear at a time when people should be thinking accurately.