SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – An Orange County high school football game was marred by allegations of racism Monday.

At issue were posters allegedly seen at the Friday night game at Aliso Niguel High School against Santa Ana High, where Santa Ana principal Jeff Bishop claimed he saw posters that said “We love White” and “Build the Wall”.

Bishop told the Orange County Register while he did not clearly see the wording on the signs, he claimed he saw them “way up” in the bleachers. Students who were chanting “USA, USA” at the game were asked to stop.

“Again, a small number of kids…when they said, ‘It’s not a great day to be a Mexican now, is it?’, when I heard that, oh hell no,” Bishop told CBS2’s Michele Gile.

A Santa Ana Unified school district official said: “The signs read ‘Make America Great”, “Make America White”, “Build That Wall”…to name just a few.”

In a statement, Aliso Niguel principal Deni Christensen told CBSLA that Bishop came to Aliso Niguel’s sideline after the first quarter.

“He reported that his students and fans had seen the sign referencing President Trump before the game, and a sign that said “We love red, we love white, we love blue,” along with our students arriving dressed in red, white and blue, and he felt that the entire atmosphere was inhospitable to his school and community,” Christensen said.

Bishop recounted his comments to the Register: “I told her ‘You’re playing Americans. You’re playing ‘Dreamers,’ I don’t understand the USA pride thing when you score. And if I hear it one more time, I am walking off the field with the team.’ ”

The Aliso Niguel Wolverines posted a flyer on Instagram for Friday’s game asking fans to wear “Red, White, And Blue” in honor of the game.

According to Christensen, neither she nor other Aliso Niguel administrators saw a “Build the Wall” sign. School officials removed two politically charged signs from the event: one that said “Bring back Obama” and another that said “We’re going to Trump you”.

In a post Saturday on Facebook, Bishop referenced only the “We Love White” poster without acknowledging the other two posters.

Roughly 99 percent of students enrolled at Santa Ana HS are Latino, compared with Aliso Niguel, where about 56 percent of students are white and 19 percent are Latino, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Ronald VanDyne says:

    The students are not Latino’s, they are Americans. If they came here as children it was because their parents wanted them to be here. If they remain here its because they want to be here. This IS the USA, and they can either have pride in that fact or go elsewhere. If you dislike this country, and this goes for everyone, Latino, white, black, other, you can fix that by living somewhere else. Go to a country that you DO like. We wont mind, honest! But don’t denigrate the country you live in just because of you own personal bias.

  2. Steven Soleri says:

    Racism this, racism that…..we better get out head right on serious issues. Russia and China are coordinating one of the largest war games in history this month and they definitely plan on changing the lives of Westerners on a permanent basis. We are tearing ourselves apart from within making things so much easier for serious enemies.

  3. Stephen Pruse says:

    LMAO, it was red, white, and blue night to honor 9/11. I think they were more upset about getting pounded 42-21.

  4. John Devereaux says:

    Pure, unadulterated BS. It would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for someone to ‘raise’ those signs without a dozen cellphone photos or video being posted within 10 seconds of it happening in a football stadium full of high schoolers. Bishop is making this stuff up to try to cover his eff-up.

  5. Of course, having been told not to, the ‘USA’ chants became louder.

  6. tngilmer says:

    The pigs believe it is OK to have pride in every country on earth but the USA.
    This is what happens when you send your puppies to be educated by pigs, at pig run schools where pig values are forced on your puppies. Never send your puppies to be educated by pigs. (Animal Farm reference)

  7. Rocco Henderson says:

    He’s lying. There is no way people would hold up signs like that. Someone besides him would have said something or noted it.

  8. 39 million Americans have their identity stolen by “Dreamers” and other illegal aliens. “It also debunks the idea that being in the country illegally is a victimless crime. Millions of Americans, in many cases children, are having their identities stolen to enable even more criminal activity. Illegal aliens should not reap Social Security benefits that result from the commission of identity theft.”

  9. you can tell a lot from the name of the school Bishop represents. it is named after a blood-thirsty megalomaniac

    of course your going to get students from other schools pushing the red white and Blue chants…

    it can be assumed most of his students might come from illegal aliens if he is bothered by students praising the USA

  10. Never, EVER stop chanting “USA! USA! USA!” Those who try to stop it should be bum rushed into oblivion.

  11. David Puddy says:

    People in California are nuts.

  12. Ryan Mouk says:

    Hard to believe this happened in California….

  13. Boo hoo! These left-wing snowflakes need to grow up.

  14. Janet Noll says:

    All republicans vote straight ticket in november and give these socialist, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-masculine, anti-Trump morons in their place, Remind them who is boss and then watch our great president whoop some *&s.

  15. Jay Gee says:

    He needs removed, we need people running our school system who actually know that America is the greatest country on earth even with our problems.

  16. Chris Peterson says:

    My biggest concern is that we even have a high school that is 99% Hispanic in America. What happened to “diversity” and “the melting pot”?

  17. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  18. Paul Foote says:

    No photos – it didn’t happen. The principal is a liar.

  19. Kevin Sanders says:

    “I can hear you!”

    *crowd erupts*

    “I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear ALL of us soon!”

    *crowd begins chanting USA*

  20. Tryno Yoo says:

    Mr. Jeff Bishop
    Irresponsible of you! There are 4,000 diverse students @ANHS and I am one of many ethnic families that have raised their kids in Aliso Viejo. I grew up in Downtown LA so I know diversity. My kids have latino, white, black, asian friends. This Capistrano Unified School District and Santa Ana School District have done an excellent job teaching our communities about bullying. I know this because I have another kid that goes to a school in Santa Ana. There is NO intention offending Santa Ana High School. You set a divisive tone and don’t speak for us latinos, asians, white, and black families that have kids who attend @ANHS. In fact don’t you live in Aliso Viejo?

  21. Roberto Menotti says:

    It doesn’t take much common sense that it was a deliberate move by the Aliso Niguel school administration to pick that particular game to “wear” red white and blue. So, according to Aliso principal, their team was playing a team from another country because the only time I have heard fans chant USA, USA is during the olympics, US national soccer team or some other event that involves teams from different countries. Yeah, I’m sure the students were rooting for the USA team to win because they are so full of spirit. I played HS school football and attended many games after that, I never once saw this type of display because it doesn’t call for it. I love how conservatives always find no fault with racism because it doesn’t exists. Maybe next time they can wear Red, White and Blue sheets with hoods, it’s patriotic.

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