SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – An Orange County high school football game was marred by allegations of racism Monday.

At issue were posters allegedly seen at the Friday night game at Aliso Niguel High School against Santa Ana High, where Santa Ana principal Jeff Bishop claimed he saw posters that said “We love White” and “Build the Wall”.

Bishop told the Orange County Register while he did not clearly see the wording on the signs, he claimed he saw them “way up” in the bleachers. Students who were chanting “USA, USA” at the game were asked to stop.

“Again, a small number of kids…when they said, ‘It’s not a great day to be a Mexican now, is it?’, when I heard that, oh hell no,” Bishop told CBS2’s Michele Gile.

A Santa Ana Unified school district official said: “The signs read ‘Make America Great”, “Make America White”, “Build That Wall”…to name just a few.”

In a statement, Aliso Niguel principal Deni Christensen told CBSLA that Bishop came to Aliso Niguel’s sideline after the first quarter.

“He reported that his students and fans had seen the sign referencing President Trump before the game, and a sign that said “We love red, we love white, we love blue,” along with our students arriving dressed in red, white and blue, and he felt that the entire atmosphere was inhospitable to his school and community,” Christensen said.

Bishop recounted his comments to the Register: “I told her ‘You’re playing Americans. You’re playing ‘Dreamers,’ I don’t understand the USA pride thing when you score. And if I hear it one more time, I am walking off the field with the team.’ ”

The Aliso Niguel Wolverines posted a flyer on Instagram for Friday’s game asking fans to wear “Red, White, And Blue” in honor of the game.

According to Christensen, neither she nor other Aliso Niguel administrators saw a “Build the Wall” sign. School officials removed two politically charged signs from the event: one that said “Bring back Obama” and another that said “We’re going to Trump you”.

In a post Saturday on Facebook, Bishop referenced only the “We Love White” poster without acknowledging the other two posters.

Roughly 99 percent of students enrolled at Santa Ana HS are Latino, compared with Aliso Niguel, where about 56 percent of students are white and 19 percent are Latino, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Steve Hansen says:

    And who out here actually believes a word of what this Bishop clown is alleging? He’s one of those Snowflake administrators who spends more time trying to find or imagine problems than he spends actually addressing issues important to “his” students.

    1. Darryn James says:


    2. Les Landers says:

      USA, USA, USA, you don’t like that Bishop, maybe you’d rather hear death to America, death to Israel. Would that make you happy Bishop? If you don’t like USA get the hell out.

  2. John S. Stephano says:

    It is interesting that no one can produce a photo of the students holding their, supposedly racists signs. Just another bunch of Mexican who want everything that America offers, but don’t want to be American. Red, White and Blue is American. If you don’t like it leave our Country and go back to Mexico or any other country you came from.

    1. It’s a SOFT genocide. You are slowly being wiped off the map.

  3. Bruce Harwell says:

    “Bishop recounted said, ‘You’re playing Americans. You’re playing ‘Dreamers,’ I don’t understand the USA pride thing when you score. And if I hear [the USA chant] one more time, I am walking off the field with the team.’ ”

    Americans should have just kept chanting “USA” and let the Dreamers forfeit the game. I am sick and tired of the anti-Americans winning by our silence!

    And since when is it “racist” to be proud of your country?

  4. Thomas Neal says:

    He doesn’t understand USA pride figures the leftist doesn’t realize not everyone is a globalist, and we can find all kinds of things to be proud of in this country.

  5. Bernie Willrise says:

    Chanting USA USA is a very Anglo American thing to do. Hispanics hate that type of thing cause they’re in the middle of an overthrow of the USA and Anglos chanting USA USA threatens their whole world of beliefs and goals here in the USA.

  6. Don Rhudy says:

    Hispanics, aka Mexicans, are Caucasians. Technically, then, so-called white.

    1. There are some light skinned “White” Mexicans and then there are the Mestizo Indian ones with flat noses, darker skin, small brains and short foreheads. The LATTER is the kind flooding into America and we don’t like it at all and they are in no way WHITE at all.

    2. Jonathan Miller says:

      Actually not true for the Mixed Indians, called Meztizos, only the murderous offspring of the Invaders from Spain are caucasian. They stole the land, and now they wish to steal it back after its purchase.

  7. Alan Whitney says:

    I’m not going to comment on the particulars.
    But I will say that this strife has been created by corrupt politicians who INVITE illegal immigrants and thwart the will of America in their quest for votes and power.
    Just look at what you have done!

  8. Rico Soiree says:

    “Black pride good, white pride bad.”
    “Women good, men bad.”
    “Closed-borders Israel good, closed-borders USA bad.”
    “Female teachers raping boys good, men looking at women bad.”

    Thus does liberalism promote inclusion, tolerance, consistency, logic, and diversity.

  9. Phil Mason says:

    If our students are being admonished that they should not love the Red White and Blue, the administrators should be given a sabbatical to Idlib. They will probably come back with a new understanding and love for the Red White and Blue.

  10. The time is coming when we must make leftists pay severe penalties for their anti-American actions.

  11. Has no problems with people that scream as one;

    * death to America!
    * black power!
    * America must become a Socialist nation.
    * Take their guns away for a safer America!
    * Protect the right to abort our children.

  12. Jerry Adler says:

    All races are allowed to be proud of their heritage except if you are white. If you are white you must marinate in guilt for something someone did 100 years ago you had nothing to do with. If you say “White Lives Matter” the media goes berserk and you are labeled a Nazi. Where is WET white entertainment television, Where is the United Caucasian College Fund, Where is the White Congressional Caucus, Where is the show on ESPN White College Football? Miss White USA pageant? etc etc etc I could go on and on. By shutting down these kids the administrators are being the “racist”, a word that has no meaning anymore because it is used for every petty little incident where there must be a long explanation why its racist. Liberals find “racism” everywhere if they don’t agree with the politics.

  13. In this era. With the technology available…In a event attended by hundreds or more. If you cannot provide one photo or recording of the violation…sounds bogus.

  14. Sean Ryan says:

    Throw the Principal out!

  15. I remember in the 60s and 70s the slogan, Black is Beautiful. I have no issue with that. But if you say “I love White” or “White is Beautiful”, you are a racist. There was slavery in the US, not any more. No African American has ever been a slave. What happened to their Great great grandparents is irrelevant to them today. In essence, if they WEREN’T here because of the past, they would be in Africa, probably with a much shorter life expectancy in abject poverty. Technically, Latinos are Caucasian, they have decided to ‘separate” from their actual race by referring to themselves as BROWN. They are not oppressed nor enslaved (except, if were are to believe in their own countries, that is why a small amount come here illegally). They claim we have a divided country, they are the ones that have made the division by separating themselves, and then claim that we are the divisive ones for calling them out on their divisiveness.
    White is Beautiful, Black is Beautiful, Brown is Beautiful, simply stating one is proud of their heritage. We would have a problem if they said, White is Beautiful, Brown should die. That was not said so this is a non issue. I am not ashamed of my race. IF they try to force us down, there will be a backlash, and White is still the majority, at least for another 30 years. Keep it up, and we will be the majority for the next 1000.

    1. MANY People came here. there WERE force slaves as well, WE supposed to have MOVED ON (MOST HAVE TRIED) but there IS a minority that KNOWS as long as “they” can keep us DIVIDED.. “THEY” have control. WE ARE “AMERICANS”… if you insist on “_______-AMERICAN, you can NOT “be an American”.

    2. This same thing happened in Denver a year ago…two schools one mostly white one mostly minority…kids and an administrator said the white school held up a racist sign except it turned out they were lying…

  16. Brig Younger says:

    Students have free speech rights. Not full but they have rights. If it said “Don’t build the wall” the sicklibs would have applauded-and claimed it was well with the rights of the students to voice their wonderful opinions through written expression pursuant o the first amendment. These libzoms (lib zombies) are the enemy and it is time for itey-whay to stand up and purge them through complaints, administrative firings, litigation, whatever it takes.

  17. Doug Freeland says:

    Show me the pictures, otherwise, it never happened.

  18. If you don’t love the Red, White, and Blue then go somewhere else. I hear China is nice this time of year.

  19. Tomas Cruz says:

    Since everyone has a cell phone there wasn’t even one photo posted any where? Oh OK.~

  20. Eric Karich says:

    The only allegation he made that is true was the “red, white, blue” thing — the SCHOOL announced that it was a red, white, blue game, as a tribute to 9/11. It had nothing to do with the team they were playing. The rest was just blatantly false.

  21. Not surprised at all – Santa Ana is like the Armpit of Orange County. Probably a school full of illegal aliens /spit on them

  22. Steve Fernatt says:

    “Dreamers” aka ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT Americans… they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and should be rounded up and dumped across the border to return to their own nasty country and apply to come here LEGALLY!!!!! No way those kids should have stopped shouting USA USA USA!!!!

  23. Mike Arvand says:

    california… it’s like a whole other useless country. pathetic.

  24. Dave Panzera says:

    I am not at all tolerant of the anti-American bigots who CLAIM something that they can’t prove or even have scant evidence for yet demand we act as if they have.

  25. la raza and the commies can not stop free speech in the united states.

  26. Patrick Cronin says:

    At least they were not chanting INS, INS, INS or it would have been vomanos la migra.

  27. Bradford Long says:

    At a public event in today’s ‘everybody has a cell phone camera’ world, if there are no pictures it’s a lie.

  28. Bob Nunemaker says:

    with all the cell phones taking video, no one else saw these signs? Hmmm…

  29. jabusse says:

    Do mexicans come her to be american citizens or just mexican citizens in America? I suppose that is the question. Would they fight a war against Mexico? What do you think? Millions of German Americans signed up to fight against Germany in WWII, didn’t they. Italians and Austrians too. Japanese wanted to and many outside of California did sign up. So what is the problem shouting USA USA If they come to be Americans. And if they don’t, Who cares. They are just here to steal but not belong. The principal is an ass.

  30. So with all the phones people have today, nobody has a clear picture of any of the alleged signs?

    1. David Emerson Powell says:

      That is the question, to be sure. No one had a phone and took a picture?

      Why are kids being taught that saying the name of our country is “hate speech?” By “our,” I mean all Americans, today and all days. All skin colors, races, everything. That’s what “USA” means. It is a chant of union and not division.

  31. Wow guys!!! After reading here all the comments, I don’t need any picture to believe what Bishop says.

  32. These insolent illegals are making me crave violence. I am too old to participate, but would love to watch America get it’s groove back. In some form or another, it is coming.

  33. Jack Gil says:

    Liberals ruin everything.

  34. Jolly Roger says:

    The problem is that there is too much emphasis on “Mexican” and not “American.” Why is it that the largest single European ancestry in America is German, yet we have always spoke English? Previous generations of immigrants came to the US to become Americans – including adopting our history and culture – as their own regardless of their race or ethnicity. This shared language and culture is what united us into one country and made us the greatest country on earth. But the Left has destroyed that amazing legacy. Now they discourage assimilation and integration and seek to create disunity and tribalism. If they succeed it is the end of our country.

  35. Piper Rose says:

    #RESIST works both ways! #RESIST all anti-Americans.

  36. Fact – Illegals do not belong in the United States. They do not belong in OUR schools. They did not pay taxes to build them. They do not obey our laws because they broke it. They will break more. The tax payers pay out to give free services to them until they find a job. Why should we pay anything to law breakers? They do not want to speak our language which is English. They disrespect Americans for being white. Many are very nice people. They need to migrate legally or not be employed. Bust the employers of any illegal regardless of country of origin. .

  37. I never thought I would live to see the day a USA HS principal would condemn student patriotism. Let me guess, the principal is an elitist democrat!

  38. James Harvey says:

    How does that work? The other side is all invaders and foreign and somehow it’s not allowed to even express patriotism? Enough with the games, just gun them down till they leave. I’m sick of this in my country.

  39. Ronald VanDyne says:

    The students are not Latino’s, they are Americans. If they came here as children it was because their parents wanted them to be here. If they remain here its because they want to be here. This IS the USA, and they can either have pride in that fact or go elsewhere. If you dislike this country, and this goes for everyone, Latino, white, black, other, you can fix that by living somewhere else. Go to a country that you DO like. We wont mind, honest! But don’t denigrate the country you live in just because of you own personal bias.

  40. Steven Soleri says:

    Racism this, racism that…..we better get out head right on serious issues. Russia and China are coordinating one of the largest war games in history this month and they definitely plan on changing the lives of Westerners on a permanent basis. We are tearing ourselves apart from within making things so much easier for serious enemies.

  41. Stephen Pruse says:

    LMAO, it was red, white, and blue night to honor 9/11. I think they were more upset about getting pounded 42-21.

  42. John Devereaux says:

    Pure, unadulterated BS. It would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for someone to ‘raise’ those signs without a dozen cellphone photos or video being posted within 10 seconds of it happening in a football stadium full of high schoolers. Bishop is making this stuff up to try to cover his eff-up.

  43. Of course, having been told not to, the ‘USA’ chants became louder.

  44. tngilmer says:

    The pigs believe it is OK to have pride in every country on earth but the USA.
    This is what happens when you send your puppies to be educated by pigs, at pig run schools where pig values are forced on your puppies. Never send your puppies to be educated by pigs. (Animal Farm reference)

  45. Rocco Henderson says:

    He’s lying. There is no way people would hold up signs like that. Someone besides him would have said something or noted it.

  46. 39 million Americans have their identity stolen by “Dreamers” and other illegal aliens. “It also debunks the idea that being in the country illegally is a victimless crime. Millions of Americans, in many cases children, are having their identities stolen to enable even more criminal activity. Illegal aliens should not reap Social Security benefits that result from the commission of identity theft.”

  47. you can tell a lot from the name of the school Bishop represents. it is named after a blood-thirsty megalomaniac

    of course your going to get students from other schools pushing the red white and Blue chants…

    it can be assumed most of his students might come from illegal aliens if he is bothered by students praising the USA

  48. Never, EVER stop chanting “USA! USA! USA!” Those who try to stop it should be bum rushed into oblivion.

  49. David Puddy says:

    People in California are nuts.

  50. Ryan Mouk says:

    Hard to believe this happened in California….

  51. Boo hoo! These left-wing snowflakes need to grow up.

  52. Janet Noll says:

    All republicans vote straight ticket in november and give these socialist, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-masculine, anti-Trump morons in their place, Remind them who is boss and then watch our great president whoop some *&s.

  53. Jay Gee says:

    He needs removed, we need people running our school system who actually know that America is the greatest country on earth even with our problems.

  54. Chris Peterson says:

    My biggest concern is that we even have a high school that is 99% Hispanic in America. What happened to “diversity” and “the melting pot”?

  55. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  56. Paul Foote says:

    No photos – it didn’t happen. The principal is a liar.

  57. Kevin Sanders says:

    “I can hear you!”

    *crowd erupts*

    “I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear ALL of us soon!”

    *crowd begins chanting USA*

  58. Tryno Yoo says:

    Mr. Jeff Bishop
    Irresponsible of you! There are 4,000 diverse students @ANHS and I am one of many ethnic families that have raised their kids in Aliso Viejo. I grew up in Downtown LA so I know diversity. My kids have latino, white, black, asian friends. This Capistrano Unified School District and Santa Ana School District have done an excellent job teaching our communities about bullying. I know this because I have another kid that goes to a school in Santa Ana. There is NO intention offending Santa Ana High School. You set a divisive tone and don’t speak for us latinos, asians, white, and black families that have kids who attend @ANHS. In fact don’t you live in Aliso Viejo?

  59. Roberto Menotti says:

    It doesn’t take much common sense that it was a deliberate move by the Aliso Niguel school administration to pick that particular game to “wear” red white and blue. So, according to Aliso principal, their team was playing a team from another country because the only time I have heard fans chant USA, USA is during the olympics, US national soccer team or some other event that involves teams from different countries. Yeah, I’m sure the students were rooting for the USA team to win because they are so full of spirit. I played HS school football and attended many games after that, I never once saw this type of display because it doesn’t call for it. I love how conservatives always find no fault with racism because it doesn’t exists. Maybe next time they can wear Red, White and Blue sheets with hoods, it’s patriotic.