BRENTWOOD (CBSLA) — A man investigating a loud noise at his home in Brentwood came face-to-face with the mountain lion that broke in through a plate glass window.

Police were called to the home in the 1800 block of North Old Ranch Road at about midnight after the homeowner reported the big cat had leaped through a window to get inside.

“We heard this great crash of glass and a big noise in the living room,” homeowner William Nichols said.

When Nichols stepped out of his bedroom to see what happened, he was met by the mountain lion in his hallway.

Nichols said the big cat made a noise that he didn’t like, so he retreated into his bedroom to call 911. When crews arrived, the cat was still inside the home, where it paced until it found an exit — another window he jumped through to get out. Nichols, who was not injured, says the entire ordeal lasted about 30 minutes.

Neighbors say they’re shocked something like this happened, but there had been indications it could — there had been reports of a bobcat running in the hills in the past week or so. But Nichols says the big cat that got into his house was definitely a mountain lion.

“At first I thought it was a bobcat, but then I got a full view of him, and he was all tan,” he said. “None of the markings, and much, much bigger than a bobcat.”


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