LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An Encino bride is hoping she can get her wedding videos back with a “no questions asked” reward of $2,000.

Photographer Steve Park’s car was broken into as it was parked on Hobart and Wilshire in Koreatown on Aug. 13.

The theft was especially devastating for Elina Radulescu of Encino and Ericka So of Sacramento. They both had hired Park to shoot and edit videos of their weddings, and he says he didn’t have a chance to back up the video before his laptop and SD cards were stolen.

“These are our life memories,” Radulescu said. “We were just devastated. I mean, my husband was devastated, which I didn’t expect.”

Both women have family and friends who took plenty of cell phone video clips during their weddings, but they are still hoping to get the professional footage returned to them. So the two brides have teamed up to put together a $2,000 reward for the return of the footage – $1,000 per complete wedding video – no questions asked.

“If someone just wants to send back the footage – keep the laptop as your souvenir, I don’t care,” Radulescu said.

Park says he has filed a police report in the theft and will not charge the women.

Anyone with information about the videos can send an email to lostweddingvideo@yahoo.com.


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