VICTORVILLE (CBSLA) — A terrifying pair of attacks in the Inland Empire. Two women were ambushed by a suspect with a machete.

Security cameras captured the 12 seconds it took a man to run up a driveway of a home in Victorville and attack an innocent woman with a machete.

It happened at 11 p.m. last Tuesday when the man drove up to the home in a black car. After attacking the woman, he ran back to his car with her purse in tow.

“It’s scary for me as a woman and also cause I have a daughter,” said Dawn.

Dawn has known the victim, her neighbor, for 10 years.

A mother of two, she says, who was just coming home from work a week ago.

Steps from her front door, when she was ambushed.

“We were told that she, her wrist was broken and she had multiple cuts on her arm so they had to airlift her to Loma Linda,” said Dawn.

The woman’s family says she is recovering from those severe injuries.

We’re putting up cameras,” said Dawn.

And neighbors are taking more security measures — mounting cameras that point out across the street.

“They came and asked her questions and looked at cameras and stuff,” said Zac Lynch.

It happened on Lynch’s street too.

Saturday night, a teenage girl was attacked with a machete in her driveway and also had her purse stolen.

Police believe the same person is responsible for both crimes — just five days and five miles apart.

“I got nieces and cousins that live out here and they be playing out her all the time,” said Lynch.

Neighbors are worried for the women in their families that this guy could be staking out other homes with a machete.

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