HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — Hollywood’s famous “Target Husk” is now on track to become an actual Target.

The husk sat empty — for several years — but an appeals court ruled Thursday that the store can finish with an eye on opening.

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KCAL9’s Peter Daut reported from the store’s location at the corner of Sunset and Western.

A legal challenge put the entire project on hold. And now, construction may finally start back up again, thanks to a new court ruling.

In a town built on fame. the giant, half-finished store has become Hollywood’s most famous eyesore.

Daut spoke to folks who were quite familiar with the building’s nickname.

“The Target Husk,” said Jess Hager of Hollywood.

Hager lives nearby and knows all about the Target saga that began back in 2014.

That’s when a Neighborhood Association sued the city for building a 74-foot tall Target on a site where heights were supposed to be capped at 35 feet.

A judge agreed with the Neighborhood Association forcing construction to a halt.

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Two years later, the City Council decided to alter height limits in the area to make the building permissible.

The Neighborhood Association sued again — successfully — after an LA County Superior Court ruled the city did not fully study the new zoning laws.

So the project continued to sit unfinished. Fast forward to Thursday and a California Appeals Court reversed the lower court’s ruling meaning Target may finally resume construction.

“I’m pretty excited about the prospect of finally getting one closer to home,” said Hager.

The attorney for the Neighborhood Association issued a statement:

“Because today’s decision reversing the trial court could have broad ramifications for land use approvals across the state, we believe this matter should be addressed by the California Supreme Court.”

Regardless, many folks are excited the “Target Husk” may soon be called simply “Target.”

“That’ll be awesome. So I won’t have to travel far to go to Target,” says Hollywood resident Valerie Pitts,

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Right now, it’s unclear when construction will resume but a member of the City Council for the district says it will be soon.